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Work Packages /_Case Studies /_The Netherlands

The Dutch case study focused on the 'Integrale Verkenning Maas' (IVM), which translates into 'Integral Exploration of the Meuse'. The Meuse catchment (with a total area of about 35000 km2) runs through France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and Luxemburg. This case study dealt with the IVM project which focused on part of the Meuse river in the south of the Netherlands. IVM was initiated in response to the increasing awareness that climate change may change the discharge pattern of the Meuse, with possibly significantly higher peak discharges. The specific aim of IVM was to investigate if and how these peak discharges can be accommodated through a river widening approach. In this approach, the focus was not only on flood mitigation, but also on improving the spatial quality in the region.

In this case study the participation processes were analysed.

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