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The Harmonicop project is supported by European Union's framework 5 Programme for Research and Development, and by the European Commission as part of its programme on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (contract no.: EESD-ENV-2000-02-57)


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Work Packages /_Co-ordination

The USF Osnabrück was responsible for the overall co-ordination of HarmoniCOP. Major tasks were

  • to liaise between the participants and the European Commission, being responsible for the timely submission of project deliverables and for the distribution of funds.

  • to co-ordinate the contributions of the different disciplines and facilitate social learning among the main stakeholders in the project: the different partners in the project, but also the external stakeholders, the public and the broader scientific community.

For effective project implementation HarmoniCOP was structured into seven work packages. An overview gives the following time table.