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Pictures /_Project Team

BUTE _Budapest
István Ijjas  István Ijjas

CEMAGREF _Montpellier
Pierre Maurel  Pierre Maurel Flavie Cernesson  Flavie Cernesson

Colenco _Baden/Dättwill
Joachim Poppei  Joachim Poppei

Ecologic Berlin
Wenke Hansen  Wenke Hansen Eleftheria Kampa  Eleftheria Kampa
Nicole Kranz  Nicole Kranz

Bernard Barraqué  Bernard Barraqué Jean Pierre Le Bourhis  Jean Pierre Le Bourhis

ICIS/UM _Maastricht
Dale Rothman  Jan Stel
Mita Patel  Mita Patel

KULRD _Leuven
Tharsi Taillieu  Tharsi Taillieu Marc Craps  Marc Craps

MU _Middlesex
Sylvia Tunstall  Sylvia Tunstall

RBA _Delft
Erik Mostert  Erik Mostert Bert Enserink  Bert Enserink

RIZA _Lelystad
Henk Wolters  Henk Wolters

UAB _Barcelona
David Sauri  David Sauri David Tàbara  David Tàbara

UAH _Madrid
Josefina Maestu  Josefina Maestu

USF _Osnabrück
Dagmar Ridder  Dagmar Ridder Claudia Pahl-Wostl  Claudia Pahl-Wostl
Ilke Borowski  Ilke Borowski Irene Brink  Irene Brink

WRc _Swindon
Jodie Thorne  Jodie Thorne

Slimproject_Milton Keynes
Kevin Collins (Slimproject)  Kevin Collins

Matt Hare  Matt Hare